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Jarvis Cosmetic Developments

At Jarvis Cosmetic Developments, the experts in our cosmetic laboratory develop, manufacture and fill skin care, hair care and toiletry preparations of the finest quality. We also create standardised and bespoke botanical extracts and blends.

Cosmetic Formulations

Our team of development chemists can formulate a wide range of cosmetic products whatever your requirements. See our list of products we have developed and containers into which we can fill.

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Cosmetic Product Consultancy

Everything starts with consultation. We offer you highly specialised botanical, scientific and technical advice acquired from over forty years in the cosmetic manufacturing industry.

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Cosmetic Product Development

Our team of expert chemists and laboratory technicians can do everything from redeveloping a simple product to creating conceptual ranges, all from our fully equipped laboratories in Hadleigh, Suffolk and Florence, Italy.

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Cosmetics Manufacturers

Our flexibility is our strength. As cosmetic manufacturers, we can manufacture and fill almost any type of product, from viscous putties to delicate fragrances, in any size from 5 kilos to multiple tonnes and can fill almost any pack, from glass vials to multi-cavity packaging.

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Botanical Extracts
Botanical Extracts

We have extensive expertise in this field, creating standard and bespoke extracts with plants sourced from across the globe.

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Welcome to Jarvis Cosmetic Developments

We are industry leaders in the field of niche, high-end cosmetic preparations. When you work with us, you will receive the full benefit of our cosmetic laboratory with forty years of experience, unparalleled insight and cosmetics manufacturing expertise.

We work with business of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for a small batch cosmetic manufacturer or a larger volume order, Jarvis Cosmetic Laboratory can help. We have experience working with both large, established global brands, and small businesses and start-ups. This is why our expert team in the cosmetic laboratory have the expertise to create quality products you’ll find everywhere. Whether you’re in exclusive boutiques or department stores, airlines or hotels, our products are never far away. Our many years’ experience and coverage as a cosmetic manufacturer are how we know exactly what it takes to create an exciting and unique product that will become a market leader.

With everything we do underpinned by a strong ethical code of conduct, excellent customer service and a continual drive for excellence, when you work with Jarvis you will be working with the very best.

Cosmetics & Toiletries

Our laboratories formulate bespoke, pioneering skin care cosmetics and toiletries including:

  • Skin Care

  • Bathing

  • Aromatherapy

  • Hair Care

  • Male Grooming

  • Hot Fill

  • Specialist Lines

Contact Us

If you’re interested in any of our UK Cosmetic Manufacturing services or would like to make an enquiry, we ask that you get in touch.

+44 (0)1473 822300

If you are sending an email, please include your Name, Contact Details and a short message with details of your contract manufacturing cosmetics requirements.

Botanical Extracts

In a world that values uniqueness and natural content, botanical extracts are perfect for creating something completely singular for your market. We draw on sources across the world to supply both single plant extracts and highly specialised individually tailored blends.

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