Are At-Home Skin Peels as Effective as Professional Peels?

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Are At-Home Skin Peels as Effective as Professional Peels?

With salons and skin clinics closed during the national lockdowns, at-home skin peels have surged in popularity.

Self-care and personal wellbeing have become incredibly important during this pandemic, and do-it-yourself facials and other cosmetic treatments have been a huge part of this. Over the years, home skin peel formulas have been improved, so you no longer need an expert to apply an at home product that has been approved for sale in the UK.

At home peels will be less powerful than that which a professional can apply and will not necessarily be specifically tailored for your exact needs. That said, the lockdown restrictions mean that professional care is currently not an option, so you may ask the question: are home-based peels as effective as professional skin peels?

At-Home Skin Peels vs. Professional Skin Peels

How Do At-Home Skin Peels Work?

Simply put, at-home skin peels work exactly the same as professional skin peels, but they are usually milder and gentler. All skin peels exfoliate and lift off the first layer of dead surface skin cells and grime. They exfoliate deeper than face scrubs and are suitable for sensitive skin too.

Regular exfoliation is key to a clear and bright appearance, but skin peels go one step further. The results of a skin peel reveal fresher, more radiant and even brighter skin. As well as this, cell renewal is boosted, and your skin underneath is overall healthier as these peels get to the core of some of your skincare concerns.

Benefits of At-Home Skin Peels

At-home chemical peels can help address many facial skin concerns and provide many benefits. These include:

  • Eliminating dead skin cells in a controlled manner
  • Improving surface dryness
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decongesting skin from blocked pores, acne and breakouts
  • Smoothing skin texture and evening skin tone
  • Addressing discolouration, sun damage and hyperpigmentation
  • Convenience – You decide when to use them and do not have to leave home

The overall result of a successful skin peel should be a tighter, smoother and more radiant complexion that is maintained for longer.

What Aftercare is Required Post-At-Home Skin Peels?

Firstly, it is always very important to ensure that you read and follow the instructions. Do remember that for both at-home and professional peels, you shouldn’t combine these treatments with other chemical exfoliators, such as retinol, and have any other facial treatments too soon after.

Also, it is always a good idea to use an SPF, preferably with a factor of 30, in your daily routine. This a general recommendation, but especially important after a skin peel as your skin is much more sensitive.

It is likely that you will experience redness after a skin peel; if lasts longer than a few minutes, apply a cool compress to encourage the skin to calm down or other soothing treatments such as aloe vera. Don’t use any products that may cause further irritation.

Jarvis Cosmetics & the At-Home Skin Peel Trend

At Jarvis, we believe this home peel trend will continue even as lockdown slowly ends, especially for those who have found a home peel option that really works for them. Whilst at home kits do not offer quite the same depth of peel and are therefore not necessarily as effective in the longer term, they certainly enable you to enjoy most of the benefits and will help in your overall skin regime. We all need hose little treatments that simply make us feel good and this may be one of those treats that will brighten your day.

We always work towards a better understanding of current and future trends within the cosmetic industry and encourage our clients to share their insights with us.


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