Jarvis Laboratory Team Expands

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Jarvis Laboratory Team Expands

Expansion and Congratulations!

Following a crazy busy year of very exciting development the Jarvis Laboratory Team are in a growing phase to meet the incredible demand for top quality, bespoke, skin and hair care formulations.

We have successfully increased our number of qualified and experienced Cosmetic Chemists to 6. This represents the biggest growth in our 47 year history!

This expansion enables the team to remain ahead of the trend curve with innovative approaches to cosmetic development and, most importantly, maintain the famous Jarvis personal touch.

SCS Diploma in Cosmetic Science Achieved!

In addition to the team expansion, our wonderful Laboratory Technician Yusra Ali, has passed, with flying colours the SCS Diploma in Cosmetic Science, and is already enjoying her  new role as a Junior Chemist.

Yusra started her career with us in our Quality Control Team and after learning the ropes there moved into our development laboratory. She enrolled for this course and managed the challenges of a full time job and the demands of studying part time with her cheerful smile still intact.

Congratulations Yusra!




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