Bespoke Beauty: A Skincare Trends Guide

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Bespoke Beauty: A Skincare Trends Guide

Beauty and skincare products have traditionally focused on formulating for a specific sector, creating a product that addresses a particular need of a fairly wide and generic group of potential users.

Since 2020, a new approach has emerged where the customer can play a much bigger role when it comes to choosing skincare products. Due to technological advances, they will now have a choice of base products that can be tailored and personalised to suit their specific needs.

This is referred to as “Bespoke Beauty” and it embraces both individuality and diversity, so here’s a little bit more about the how and why of this beauty trend.

Bespoke Beauty Meaning

The beauty industry has come to recognise that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is no longer suitable for the wide range of target users. Essentially, everyone is different so products should be customisable to match the real need of the target user and allow for these individual differences.

This has led to the trend of skincare formulations that have been created with the aim of allowing users to add ingredients to a base formula to suit their very specific needs and preferences. For example, a hand lotion where the consumer can choose their favourite fragrance and add it to the base thus creating something that is uniquely theirs. This ability for consumers to customise key elements of their favourite brands and products is gathering significant momentum.

Bespoke beauty offers the consumer the opportunity to create the perfect combination for their needs and enjoy the added pleasure of being able to say that the product they use is theirs and theirs only. Given the fact that brands are unaware of what a specific user needs exactly and could not possibly manufacture a special product for every user, how is this possible?

Personalised Beauty

The personalised bespoke beauty trend is driven by technology in order to give consumers more control over their skincare products. Here are a few ways in which beauty products can now be made specifically for you:

Face Mapping & Algorithms

Smart diagnostic devices have given beauty brands the ability to eliminate the broad-sweeping categorisations that have become the norm. It is near enough impossible for consumers to just fall under one main type; skin and hair are so much more complex than that.

Modern technological advances are delving deeper into data collection and individual metrics. For example, face mapping analyses different areas of the skin, identifying small alterations in the skin structure and measuring pores, fine lines and moisture levels. This data can recognise the unique strategy and regime that you need to follow in regard to your skincare routine and products.

DNA & Other External Factors

Another data collection methods used for the bespoke beauty trend is analysing DNA. In fact, not just DNA but the biomarkers and both environmental and lifestyle factors that can have an effect on an individual’s response to cosmetic ingredients.

Scientific advancements have led to technology being created to look at your DNA and determine your skin traits. Recommendations are then formulated in order to provide a completely unique and personalised skincare regime that protects your skin specifically.

Personalised Bespoke Beauty Experiences

In addition to personalised products, consumers can now receive customised experiences; this varies from in-person experiences to online interactions. One example is AI Learning technology which is used in store to provide a personalised experience. This enables the customer to see what a product looks like on them before they decide to buy it.

Smart packaging is also being introduced which takes information from your behaviour or location. Finally, you can find the perfect products to fill your makeup bag with just an online questionnaire that finds compatible cosmetics based on your hair, eye and skin colour.

Online Customer Service

Still looking at online services, ‘chat-bots’ are being used on beauty and cosmetic websites to help customers find products tailored to them. Algorithms are also used to suggest other product recommendations that may be suited to you.

Jarvis and the Bespoke Skin and Haircare Trend

At Jarvis, we believe that the bespoke beauty trend is cause for celebration as one of our strengths is delivering very specialised formulations to our niche client base. We are well suited to extending this approach to meet the need for safe, effective products to permit the personalisation that the consumer now expects.

Bespoke beauty acknowledges the diversity that makes each consumer unique. We understand the complexity required to meet this exciting new challenge and are already working with our clients to continue to provide them with cutting edge formulations that their customers love.

We always work towards a better understanding of current and future trends within the cosmetics industry and encourage our clients to share their insights with us.


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