Team Building Day: Boat Trip to Felixstowe

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Team Building Day: Boat Trip to Felixstowe

The whole Jarvis team was recently treated to a wonderful boat trip along the river Orwell. After leaving the marina we cruised down to the Felixstowe Container Port and wondered just how many of the containers contained packaging material and products that would soon be passing through our production facilities.

Enjoying the fresh air

It was great opportunity to see the team interact outside of the usual workplace, enjoying the water, beautiful weather, casual chit chats and games.

The value this experience brings to the business and naturally to our customers cannot be effectively measured but the results are clear in our day-to-day activities. The opportunity to get to know colleagues outside of our usual roles helps to consolidate the team and really enhances collaboration between the departments. This builds on the management philosophy of the company where everyone has a voice, and we are all encouraged to make good decisions always focussed on service to our customers in an efficient way.

These occasions also do wonders for staff morale and add to our work-life balance.

Snacks on board

Apart from anything else we all had a wonderful day out and look forward to more of these in the future.


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