About Jarvis

The laboratories and production facilities of Jarvis Cosmetic Developments have been creating premium skin care products for boutique, spa and independent brands since 1974. Four generations of the Jarvis family have worked in the industry, giving us the stability and providence that has made us a market leader.

Our success comes from ensuring every formula we create fully delivers the promise of the concept.

Why work with Jarvis?

We provide a highly specialised and personal service to every client through all aspects of the development process, from the selection of the most suitable raw materials to legislations and environmental issues.

We have never tested on animals or knowingly used ingredients that have caused harm or damage to animals or the environment. This a reflection of our broader ethical policy to care for our planet. Everyone within Jarvis is taught to recognise the delicate balance of the natural world and understand that its maintenance is their responsibility. For this reason we expect our customers and suppliers to maintain a similar ethical stance.

Our Heritage & Peter Jarvis Cosmetics

Jarvis Cosmetic Developments was founded by Peter Jarvis. Peter had worked throughout Western Europe, developing products for many international brands and becoming an acknowledged authority in the field of natural cosmetics. In 1974 he capitalised on this by setting up his own laboratory and consultancy business. His son Quentin joined him ten years later to expand the laboratories and manufacturing capabilities, and was instrumental in bringing together the highly skilled and diverse team that is the company you see today.

The roots of the company are actually far older, with documented records showing that the family have been making cosmetics commercially in East Anglia and London for over a century.

Everyone at Jarvis is aware of this unique heritage, and is proud to be part of a 100-year-old tradition of providing a personal, highly efficient, flexible service to the cosmetic and toiletry industry as well as scientific and technical advice to new and established clients alike.

Jarvis is regarded worldwide as a centre of excellence for the development and production of high quality skin and haircare cosmetics and the preparation of scientifically advanced botanical extracts.

Our Mission

Jarvis Cosmetic Developments shall provide world-class cosmetics and botanical extracts that meet or exceed our customer’s expectation, and will remain fully committed to improving and surpassing all requirements of our quality management system.

To become the finest boutique development and cosmetic manufacturing company against whom all others are judged. To build with tenacity and pride on our history of technical innovation to provide a level of service, quality and care that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Our Definitions

The standard of a business as measured against other businesses of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of a business.

A business serving sophisticated or specialised clientele.

Niche Market:
The subset of the market on which a specific product is focused to satisfy specific market needs, regardless of price, demographics, quantity or intended impact.

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