Cosmetic Product Consultancy

After four decades at the forefront of cosmetic development, our dedicated team have a deep understanding of every beauty category.

Whether you’re redeveloping a simple product or creating conceptual ranges, we will use our skills and extensive knowledge to make your product stand out.

Cosmetic Product & Brand Consultancy

As we start working together, a dedicated customer relationship manager will be assigned to your project. They will be your single point of contact throughout the entire process and will pay meticulous attention to detail.

You will also be able to communicate directly with your own experienced cosmetic formulation consultants; chemist and lab technicians who have an in-depth knowledge of the cosmetic market.

Our team will be able to inform you of the latest ingredients and work together with you to create something completely unique. Our cosmetic product and brand consultancy also contribute highly innovative ideas and audience and market positioning advice.

No matter at what point you come to us, a long-term vision and strategy will be implemented through our cosmetic product consultancy.

Whether you need that extra touch to make your product truly market leading or only have the roughest of ideas, we excel in realising your brand's potential.

Bespoke Cosmetic Formulations

Our team will give insight into emerging and current trends and utilise their expertise to identify material compatibility.

During the early stages of formulation development and throughout, you will be able to talk with your lab technician and explore new ingredient concepts.

Our aim is to deliver creative yet exceptional results for every client and their bespoke cosmetic formulation.

Understanding Your Brand

Our first objective in our cosmetic product consultancy is to always gain a thorough understanding of you as an individual, your brand and the philosophy guiding your concept.

Whether you are a start-up brand that is new to the beauty industry or an established business we have worked with before, we still approach every project in the same way.

Once we have achieved a thorough understanding of your vision, we review and research the finer details for each product. This includes preferred ingredients, texture, colour and smell; everything that will make both the product and brand sought after.

Expert Guidance & Advanced Innovation

At Jarvis, our consultancy service is available throughout your entire journey, so whenever you have any questions or if you are ever looking for guidance, our experts are on-hand to help. Our consultants consistently keep up with the industry’s news and trends, such as Clean Beauty, and have years of experience in cosmetics, so will be able to advise wherever you need.

Cosmetic Formulation Consultants

In addition to your bespoke cosmetic formulation, it is vital to consider the other factors that impact your product’s success. This includes branding, packaging and distribution channels.

With our comprehensive knowledge and intuitive understanding of the industry, we can confidently make informed recommendations for these aspects.

We believe that good, clear face-to-face-communication between both parties can achieve a complete understanding and vision of the project. Plus, by taking part in the development process in our laboratories and investing time into the process, we can reach the ultimate goal.

Dedicated Cosmetic Consultants

At Jarvis Cosmetic Developments, we pride ourselves on our transparent, approachable and responsive way of working.

Our dedicated consultants will always be completely honest about the effectiveness and suitability of your concept. We promise to offer sincere and expert advice and guidance on what the best route is for your project.

Honest Consultancy & End-to-End Project Management

Although every project is different and unique, there is one consistent feature that is essential for achieving the right product for your brand and for your chosen market – time.

We will guide you at all stages, from a brief concept all the way through to launch, giving you access to all of our accumulated wisdom and knowledge.

Development and Production Timeline

For Your Bespoke Cosmetic Formulations

View our typical product development chart for a brief overview. Or, take a look at our detailed timeline which takes you through the procedure for projects that are either new or experienced within the industry and cosmetic manufacturing & development.

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