From redeveloping a simple product to creating conceptual ranges, no matter at what point you come to us, our dedicated team will use skills and knowledge gained from four decades at the forefront of cosmetic development to make your product stand out.

Working Together

When we begin working together you will be assigned a dedicated customer relationship manager to be your single point of contact. You’ll also be able to talk directly to your own experienced cosmetic chemist and lab technicians. They pay meticulous attention to detail and have an in-depth knowledge of the cosmetic market. This encompasses everything from the latest innovative ingredients to audience and market positioning, meaning that they can work towards highly innovative ideas and help you create something really unique.

Whether you need that extra touch to make your product truly market leading or only have the roughest of ideas, we excel in realising your brand's potential.

About You

Our first objective is always to gain a thorough understanding of you, your brand and the philosophy guiding your concept. We treat every project as new, even if we’ve already worked with you – it’s the only way to intrinsically comprehend what you need to establish a point of difference.

Once we have an in depth understanding of your vision we review and research the finer details for each product such as preferred ingredients, texture, colour, smell – everything that will make it, and the brand, sought after.


Our comprehensive knowledge and intuitive understanding of the industry allows us to confidently make informed recommendations on everything else you need to consider to make your product a success, such as branding, packaging and distribution channels.

We know that this can only happen with understanding, time, vision and good clear communications from both parties. Nothing achieves this as well as face to face communication and taking part in the development process in our laboratories.


We promise we will always be completely honest about the effectiveness and suitability of your concept. We pride ourselves on a transparent, approachable and responsive way of working. This may mean turning business away if we cannot meet your needs.

Development and Production Timeline

Although every project is unique, one thing is absolutely consistent in achieving the right product for your brand – time. We will guide you at all stages, giving you access to all of our accumulated wisdom and knowledge; but getting a product exactly right for your chosen market is not quick, you must allow adequate time.

View our typical product development chart for a brief overview or take a look at our detailed timeline which takes you through the procedure, dependent on whether you are experienced in cosmetic development or new to the industry.


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