Cosmetic Production

With up to 40 years of experience and continual investment in our cosmetics production facilities, we can manufacture almost any type of product and fill any type of container you require.

Cosmetic Product Manufacturing

Jarvis Cosmetics are an expert cosmetic product manufacturer with experience in both small batch manufacturing and large quantities. We have the ability and experience to produce any type of cosmetic needed. From viscous putties and large particulate dry scrubs, to delicate fragrances, milks and lotions, we welcome any kind of personal beauty or skin care product.

Aromatherapy to hair care and male grooming, we have a list of formulae that we create and manufacture that you can view here, along with packaging options we cater to also. Our cosmetic production team have been trained to fill most types of container, such as 5ml glass ampoules or IBCs.

We do not impose minimum manufacturing or filling runs on our clients. Small runs not only offer benefits to growing brands, but many established larger brands take advantage of this to offer seasonal promotions or optimise cash flow.

What We Formulate

As a leading boutique cosmetic development company, exceptional quality is a prerequisite for all our products. They are all manufactured to GMP ISO 22716 standard, ensuring the highest standards of conformity and hygiene, consistently overseen by our dedicated Quality Control team.

Regardless of size or value, we will always apply the same scrutiny, care and exacting standards to every batch of every product. Great attention to detail is paramount and formulation quality is essential. Our experienced cosmetic formulation consultants have an extensive knowledge of the cosmetic market and ingredients, so we guarantee that your formula will always be of the highest quality.

Clean Beauty Cosmetic Production

Our cosmetic production always includes our expert input when it comes to ingredients and formulas; we are meticulous in our methods and only choose components that strictly follow your criteria. Clean beauty is all about quality ingredients that are non-toxic and safe for use as well as achieving the broader concept of environmental sustainability. If you require a sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free product, our cosmetic formulation consultants will guarantee these specifications are met.

Cosmetic Manufacturing Capabilities

Taking an idea for a product and creating innovative and unique formulae is what we do best. The formulae we create and manufacture are completely varied, no one the same, and we always welcome creative challenges presented by any unique product or package.

Here is a list of our main cosmetic manufacturing capabilities:

Product Fill

The end result is just as important as the care and attention paid to the creation and development; the product fill has to be perfect with absolutely no compromise. We inspect every package individually as it comes off the line and record it for complete accountability.


We have the ability to package products using plastic tubes, jars, and bottles in all shapes and sizes, that have been provided to us by the client. It is imperative to comply with our stringent Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL).

Quality Control

Our Quality Control procedures are performed from concept to product and every member of our dedicated Quality Team is trained to identify improvements. We are ISO 22716:2007 certified and fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Raw Materials

With the capability to source raw materials for production, we become familiar with their unique provenance and story behind them – an added quality to the end product. Every item is tested before it is added to the dedicated raw material warehouse.

Cosmetic Products Manufacturer

At Jarvis Cosmetics, we strive for excellence in product, service and ethics. This is why we constantly develop our methods and invest in technological advances that help improve our facilities.

We specialise in various cosmetic product manufacturing and aim to provide our clients with the best quality personal care and beauty products. Our skills and expertise will help create your product and make it stand out from the rest.

Indicative Production Timeline

Cosmetic product manufacturing lead-times are quoted at the time of ordering and are confirmed via an official order confirmation. There are many factors that affect cosmetic production lead-times, including the availability of raw materials.

Although we have many hundreds of raw materials in our warehouse, more will be required for different formulae. Due to organic raw material and materials with specific provenance being purchased on an as-needed basis, this may affect lead times, as will seasonal demand.

Good planning and forward-thinking is key in cosmetic production. In order to give clients maximum flexibility, we offer the opportunity to book future slots for manufacturing and filling prior to sending in official orders, subject to agreement.

A rough development timeline for manufacturing is shown on the last few rows of this indicative timeline.