Quality Assurance

As a leading boutique cosmetic development company, exceptional quality is a prerequisite for all our products. We strive for excellence in product, service and ethics.

We are ISO 22716:2007 certified, fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our workforce see this as a starting point and are all trained to identify improvements and exceed ISO expectations.

Our dedicated Quality Team meticulously examines and records all aspects of the entire production and manufacturing process from receipt of raw materials to dispatching of finished goods.
Our GMP Certificate Number is: GB15/93704 You can use this to validate our certification status on our certifying body’s portal using the button below to access.

Raw Materials

Every incoming item is quarantined, tested and recorded before it is allowed into the dedicated raw material warehouse.


All incoming packaging is quarantined in its own separate warehouse and released only after it satisfies our stringent Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL). Packaging that fails is returned to suppliers. We do not offer a remedial service for poor packaging.


All bulk going through our factory does so to a strict code of practice. Goods are only ever manufactured to order and are monitored, sampled and recorded throughout every stage of the process. Pilot batches and initial batches of any newly developed product are overseen by the same chemist who developed the product to ensure satisfactory scale up. Only when they and the production team are happy, is a product signed off.


No matter how much care and attention is paid to the development and manufacture of a product, if it’s not perfectly filled the end result can be disastrous. We therefore inspect every bottle, jar, and tube individually as it comes off the line. As with every other aspect of Quality Control systems, everything that goes through filling is recorded for complete accountability and traceability.

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