What We Formulate

The formulae that we create and manufacture are as varied as the packs into which they are filled. The lists below are not exhaustive; we welcome the creative challenge presented by any unique product or package.

We Formulate



Rich luxurious emulsions that are used primarily for face, hand or specific parts of the body. Creams are also the preferred consistency for specialist treatment products. Typically packed in jars or tubes.


These are less viscous than creams and would typically be used for larger parts of the body such as the torso, legs and arms. Typically packed in bottles (pump or screw cap) or tubes.


The lightest and least viscous of the emulsions but certainly no less effective. Used across a wide range of products from eye make-up removers to moisturising bathing products. Milks are almost exclusively packed in bottles.


Typically toners and products that impart freshness. As the name implies these are aqueous based, possibly with small amounts of solubilised oils. Waters would normally only ever be packed in bottles.


As the name suggests their primary function is to mechanically exfoliate. The bases and scrub particles are many and varied from soft natural wax scrubs to harsh intensive nut shell. Typically packed in jars or tubes.


As with waters, gels are superbly effective when seeking a cooling or or easily spreadable product. They are extremely versatile and can be made clear or be packed with oils and actives. They can be adapted for any pack from free pouring bottles to jars.


Bath & Shower Gels

Popular across all ages and genders, these predominantly surfactant-based products are eminently suitable for cleansing. There is almost no limit to the look, texture, and aroma and they can be adapted for almost any packaging from tubes to jars.


These can be either non-dispersing oils that sit on the surface of water and layer directly on to the skin, or dispersing oils which can (if desired) make the bath water milky. Used predominantely for their fragrance, they are normally only supplied in bottles, but if thickened can be packed in to specialist tubs.


Very traditional, yet remain as popular today as ever. Salts have many benefits for the skin and fragrance is added for a spa like experience. Intense colour can be added to give the bath water. These have to be supplied in jars or lined boxes.

Fragrance Milks

Fragrance milks can be used in the bath or directly applied to the skin. They contain many of the skin benefits of bath salts but are richer in oils. Always packaged into bottles.



With a couple of exceptions, it is unwise to apply essential oils directly on the skin, so the most common and safe way of using them is diluted in carrier oils. Almost all aromatherapy oils are packed into dark glass to protect the delicate and complex aromas and properties of the essential oils.


These can be either a by-product of the essential oil distillation process or blended oils solubilised in water for a very mild and refreshing product. Typically packed in bottles.


These are created to carry essential oils. Traditionally used in massage, there is now a growing trend in more sophisticated lotions designed to augment the specific actions of the essential oils. These can be packed in a variety of packages from glass bottles to tubes.

Massage Oils

Massage oils are usually blends of fixed and essential massage oils. Dark plastic bottles are best suited for this product.



These can vary from very simple amenity products to some of the most complex development projects. Usually water based surfactant products but can be creams and pastes. They can be packaged in almost any package but bottles and tubes with no-spill closures are preferred.


Typically these will be cream products and are designed to condition, give the hair lustre and restore the natural balance to scalp and hair. Like shampoos, these are typically packaged in tube or bottle.

Specialist Hair styling

As the names suggests these products are designed for a very specific styling function. They can take many forms from a solid butter to a spray, meaning the packages are equally varied.



Hot fill balms are extremely thick oil-rich products. They need to be dispensed at elevated temperatures to keep the product mobile during filling. The same technique is used to fill less viscous products into small containers. Typically balms are packed into tubes or airless containers.


Butters are exceptionally thick, sometimes almost solid and have to be poured when molten. They are nearly always packed into jars.



Speciality treatment products of a very intense nature. Normally packed into dropper bottles or ampoules.


Products created specifically for hotel, airline and cruising industries, often a variant of a brand's retail offering. Cost is key for this type of product, so often they end up being packed in tubes for greatest cost efficiency.

Foot Care

Feet need very different products from the rest of the body. Typically these are intensely moisturising creams and packed in bottles, jars, or tubes.


Usually these products are for fun rather than having a skin care function. Typically (and advisedly) packed in plastic.

Dual Phase

Phases are made separately and bought together in pack to either impart two or three very different actions on the skin or to simply make the product look stunning. These are normally packed in clear bottles or jars.

Pet Care

Products for animal coats and skin is very important to pet owners, and consequently a fast growing market. Packaging can be anything from pouches to bottles and jars.

Room sprays

Environmental fragrance is always in high demand. Products can be aqueous based or alcohol based, and usually supplied in crimped spray pump bottles.


Shaving Cream

The mainstay of male grooming is still shaving cream. The best shave cream formulae need to be applied with a brush, and have remained almost unchanged for over 70 years. Today there are many varieties packed into anything from pump bottles to tubes.

Beard Care

These products have become very popular in recent years and require development skills in both hair care and skin care. Products come in many forms and can be packed in almost any container.

Facial Care

Men’s skin types vary just as much as women’s, and there is huge demand for products that address men’s different skins.

Hair Care

As varied as women’s hair care, but also incorporating scalp products for men who no longer have the option to worry about how they are going to have their hair styled!

We Fill

TUBES (3ml - 500ml)


The most versatile of tubes. They can be laminated with a variety of materials to cope with almost any type of product. Plastic tubes can retain their neat appearance all though their life and have almost limitless decoration possibilities.


A traditional tube material used for its highly effective barrier properties. They dent when used so can look very distressed after a couple of uses, although this can also add to their charm.


Crimp Neck Bottle (10ml – 500ml)

Used for liquid products that are going to be pumped out, more often than not as a spray. The fact that once crimped, they are exceptionally difficult to open makes them eminently suitable for high value or volatile products.

Screw Neck Bottle (10ml – 500ml)

Used for easily flowing lotions and liquids. Because glass has outstanding barrier properties, these bottles are particularly suited to oils.

Ampoules (1ml – 5ml)

Traditionally used for high value serums. These containers are normally single use, i.e. break the seal use the contents and throw away.

Jars 50ml – 500ml

More accurately these would be called wide necked jars. They are used for creams, ointments, gels, in fact anything with viscosity.


Push Fit Bottle (5ml – 1 litre)

These bottles are designed to have a specific closure pushed on. Consequently the option to use a standard closure across multiple bottle sizes is limited. Despite this these packs often look more stylish than a screw neck bottle, and can offer greater protection to the product within.

Screw Neck Push Fit Bottle (5ml – 1L)

Probably the most widely used and versatile package. Closures can be anything from a smooth cap to a pump, from the plain to the highly elaborate. This pack offers maximum flexibility to use a single cap across a variety of different bottles and vice versa.

Airless Bottle

Used for their hygienic delivery, they do not allow air to pass into the chamber containing product, instead they harness atmospheric pressure to force product out.

Single Cavity Jar (5ml – 500ml)

Straightforward screw top wide mouth jars used primarily for viscous products.

Multi Cavity Jar (5ml – 500ml)

As the name suggests these are jars that have more than one chamber, thus a number of products can be filled into a single consumer unit.


Keg (1 litre – 25 litre)

Used for the transportation of flowable creams and liquids.

Drum (50 litre - 200 litre)

The most common method for packing bulk, drums can be either metal or plastic, closed or open top.


Holding up to 1,000 litres, these are the most convenient palletised form of shipping flowable liquids.

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