Cosmetic Product Development

Jarvis Cosmetic Developments have over four decades of experience and knowledge in the cosmetic product development process.

We fully understand the ins and outs of the everchanging cosmetic industry and strive to work together with our clients to make their vision a become reality.

Cosmetic Development Company

As a cosmetic development company, we recognise that no two projects are the same. No matter if you’re looking for a small batch manufacturer or wanting to producer a larger quantity; we always approach each one with the same honesty, expertise and enthusiasm.

Innovation is key and our aim is to help you bring your unique skin care and cosmetic products to the competitive market. We want to help make your product, and your brand, stand out from the crowd and, ultimately, convert your target demographic to become loyal brand followers.

We always take the time to study your project brief because we recognise how important it is to understand every aspect of your brand. We believe that it is vital to understand your audience, your provenance requirements and your end-goal.

Develop Unique Cosmetics with Jarvis

A client once said to us, “You don’t draw with chalk and charcoal, you paint with the entire colour spectrum.”

We feel that it perfectly describes our talent for using the best of both modern and traditional raw materials to formulate the finest bespoke products for your chosen market.

Not just sticking to one way of thinking, we prefer to utilise every piece of knowledge we have gained over the years and apply it to each project to develop completely unique cosmetics.

Cosmetic Product Development Process

Once we receive a detailed brief, we begin the cosmetic product development process. Working together with close contact and regular communication is essential during this stage.

We recommend that you visit our cosmetic laboratory and facilities to work hands-on alongside your development chemist. The initial phase of the process is an exploratory stage, with first submissions sent without any obligation.

This means that you can evaluate the technical interpretation of your brief without any financial risk on your part. If the work falls short of your expectations, we will cease development, and nothing is payable.

The Development of Clean Beauty Products

By working closely with you every step of the way, you are able to experience the entire process and ensure it meets your standards. Clean beauty is not just about the ingredients you choose, but also the development process from start to finish. Our team are ambassadors for planet-friendly products and processes, so we can help you achieve the best results for your product.

How Long Does It Take?

The cosmetic product development process relies on time, thought and effort, plus the skills of our fully qualified technical team.

It will take a minimum of twelve weeks, during which time we supply monthly progress reports on how testing is developing.

The final results for testing are independently checked, verified and signed off by an independent assessor.

Cosmetics Formulations

At Jarvis Cosmetic Developments, we pride ourselves on being able to develop a wide range of cosmetic products. From everyday toiletries, hair care and skin care, to the most exclusive and advanced products, such as serums and medical devices.

Our expert team of chemists specialise in formulating boutique products for niche markets, but always apply the same attention to detail and quality no matter what we create. Click here to view our full list for inspiration.

Additional Cosmetic Development Services

In more detail, here are some of the cosmetic development services we perform during the process for every client.

Bespoke Formulations

Every beauty formulation we create is unique and bespoke to individual clients, combining exclusive, innovative and functional ingredients. We anticipate cosmetic trends and we apply our expertise to help formulate the perfect product for their brief.

Stability & Compatibility Testing

Every approved formula that goes to market is subject to a series of legally required, stringent tests, which assess factors such as shelf life, pack compatibility and microbiological stability.

Research & Development from Initial Project Brief

In addition to taking the time to study your project brief initially, our team undertake research before manufacture. This includes looking at efficient scale-up and feasibility of the project, so we are prepared for our signature high quality production.

Trial Batch Assessments

Once the formulation of your product has been confirmed, a trial batch is created and assessed by our team and yourself.

Claim Substantiation

It is important to validate any claims that you make about your product, so we will help you with claim substantiation. Whether it’s comparative or non-comparative, the team at Jarvis will assist.

Cosmetic Product Development Timeline

The cosmetic product development process is complex, so our experienced team will be on hand to guide you through all stages. We will provide expert knowledge on what we know best and advise you on other essentials you need to consider when delivering your final product.

We understand that requirements are different for each of our customers, but you can see a typical product development timeline below.

Or, you can take a look at our detailed timeline which takes you through the procedure, dependent on whether you are experienced in cosmetic product development or new to the industry.

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Jarvis Cosmetic Developments is an ISO 22716 accredited cosmetic development company; as such, we comply rigidly with the Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices standards. You can expect the highest quality standards at all stages of development, manufacture, filling and finishing.

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